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Hi everybody!

How are you? I hope you stay safe and healthy because this is the most important right now.

This is a really special post because I was not in the mood for writing anything until all this horror about Covid-19 was ended, but I changed my mind when Lover-Beauty website contacted me and nicely invited me to take a look at its products.

They surprised me gratefully and I know some of you will love them too.

I usually receive mails from you explaining me that it’s really difficult to find beautiful, fashion and not expensive clothes when you don’t have a small or medium size. I never thought about it but, as soon as I started doing it, I saw that it’s true.

This is what I like Lover-Beauty fashion website, because it has amazing and cheap plus size dresses. I can’t explain you whether theses dresses are high quality or not because I don’t have any of them in my own hands but they look awesome and the price is unbelievable. You can choose between short or long dresses; floral, animal print or black dresses; sporty or elegant dresses… there are a lot of different styles.

Anyway, if you are not interested in dresses because you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, there are so many different possibilities. For example, you can take a look at Lover-Beauty sweaters, blouses, pants or skirts. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with some blouses that look pretty wonderful.

But this is not the end. Surfing of the website, I arrived to lingerie sale category and I only can say… Wooow! There are breathtaking bodysuits, corsets and babydolls so, if you want to feel sexy and don’t pay too much, this is a great choice.

What do you think about Lover-Beauty website? Have you heard about it before? Do you wear sexy lingerie?

Kisses and have a nice day!

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