7 Differences Between Seamless and Traditional Clip Ins

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Beginner Guide On How to Choose Your Right Clip In Hair Extensions

Selecting the right set of silk seam clip in extensions can be daunting as a newbie or even if as a hair extension expert! Don’t worry; you can easily compare lace weft and seamless extensions, so you’ll sure to pick the right set for you! Here we explain both extensions, and you can choose anyone according to which suits you best.

Most people ask the question about the difference between seamless and lace weft clip extensions. As the seamless wefts are a new thing, it figures that you would have various questions about what to go for. Therefore, we’d share the features of both so that you can make the easy selection and best choice buying new hair extension. Here’s something important that you should know.

Seamless weft features

  • These extensions are bonded in silicone

  • Lay entirely flat for head

  • They are undetachable

  • Light in weight

  • No shedding

  • Transforms your hair without any damage

  • Available in different sizes

Lace weft features

  • These extensions are stitched onto a durable lace

  • They’re helpful to add more volume at roots

  • Completely transforms your hair without any damage

  • They are virtually undetachable

  • These extensions are made with 100% A grade human hairs

  • You can easily choose any length size according to your hair length

  • Different length sizes are available

Difference between seamless and lace weft

Before deciding which one will significantly work for you, you need to know the difference between lace weft and seamless wefts. Sewing hairs make lace wefts onto a piece of lace or durable fabric, which is a traditional method of making clip in hair extensions. However, seamless hair extensions are when the hair is bonded in silicone rather than being sewn. You’ll get flat weft that is much thinner than the lace wefts, and they’re completely smooth.

Which one is the best option for fine hair?

Seamless clip hair extensions tend to be easier to conceal as these extensions lay flat to head. That’s why most people prefer to use these extensions. They are lightweight, so they are comfortable to wear and won’t weight down locks.

The lace wefts work just as well in fine hair. They’ll help to add bit volume at roots too as they not as flat, which could be beneficial if you have lackluster locks. If you have fine hairs, then we’d suggest the standard set as it’s the easiest and lightest to blend into fine hairs.

Do Seamless extensions are suitable to wear with thick hairs?

Even the top of the seamless wefts is thinner than the stitched wefts. The overall set is super thick, so definitely wear this if you have thicker hairs. However, if you have a thick or have dull haircut, then you might need to go for a luxurious extension set instead to get the best blend. It’s the thickest set and quad weft, which means there’re four layers of hairs on every weft for an insane amount of volume.

What’s the best option for dyeing?

If you want to custom dye hair extensions, then we’d suggest going for stitched wefts over the seamless. It’s just because it’s difficult for the dye to penetrate the silicone weft at the top of extensions. You can combat with some root touch up spray, which makes well on the seamless wefts, but its something to bear in mind.

Are the clips different on seamless and lace wefts?

The clips on lace and seamless wefts are the same quality. Both clips are made with the silicone to ensure a tight grip and have a rubber backing to prevents them from slipping away from hairs. They’re slightly curved and lightweight for a comfortable fit.

Why’re the seamless wefts stripy?

Some of the highlighted shades look stripy at the top of wefts due to the way seamless hair extensions are made. Therefore, once they’re clipped in, they’ll blend just as well as the lace wefts. If you are used to purchasing a highlighter shade in the stitched weft, then it’s something to be aware of, but both lace and seamless highlighted shades will provide you an excellent blend.

What about shedding?

Lace wefts can be more prone to shedding than seamless wefts as, unlike seamless, the lace wefts aren’t bounded into the silicone. That being said, lace wefts are durable, and there’s very minimal shedding if any, so this isn’t something to be concerned about when selecting between them.

Feels more clued up about the difference between seamless and lace hair extensions? At first it can be trick, but we hope our post will help to answer the most burning questions. However, if you’re new to hair extensions, we highly recommend you to read this post on hair extensions to overcome mistakes you may make in the selection and how to correct them. It’s full of useful tips to get a seamless blend.

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