Mhot Hair Review | Looking for quality clip in hair extensions, try Mhot Hair

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Wearing hair extensions will make wonders for your self-confidence! Take this from someone who has got pretty fine/thin hair! Not only do I love wearing them, but I also enjoy writing about them. Not to take my own horn, but I’ve tried a variety of different hair extensions because I love them so much! I’ve always tried every extension of the brand out there including Hairdo to Goddess, Luxyhair, Remy Hair to cheap Ali Express Hair! You name it I’ve been trying it. My new fave is Mhot Hair!

I had tried and used a massive amount of hair extensions from other suppliers to get a broad sample size for shedding etc. In many of these cases, the extensions would shed a few strands straight out of the package. But that wasn’t the case with Mhot Hair, and I was shocked and delighted!

You can expect extensions to shed a few strands a day, depending on how many times you brush them and whether you’re not careful with them, but you can understand that this is normal. There was a brand that I tried once that was so bad when I brushed my hair that I kid you wouldn’t have 20 strands coming out even though I didn’t have any knots!! The good news is that the bits of clips are woven together in a special way, so you can wear the extensions comfortably.

Unlike other extensions, Mhot hair extensions do not cause scratching or discomfort. I have a very responsive scalp, and these extensions don’t bother me at all. Mhot hair extensions encouraged me to start wearing my hair all the time! I’m not kidding you, my hair is so thin and fine, I would usually throw it in a bun or a pony, but if I had wanted to wear it down, I’d have to curl it, otherwise, it would look pitiful.
Mhot extensions are so natural! I was so impressed by that!! I simply adore the hair extensions. Even better, you can easily dye your hair extensions if you’re like me who’s been dyeing their hair all the time!

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